Jason Scott preserves Apple II warez (and himself)

Jason Scott, who’s doing God’s work at the Internet Archive, writes with commendable detail about his efforts to preserve vintage Apple software in Thoughts on a Collection: Apple II Floppies in the Realm of the Now.

His piece reminded me of something that was once second nature, but which I’d long since forgotten:

Each floppy is 140k of data on each side, and in this case, all the floppies had been single-sided and clipped with an additional notch with a hole punch to allow the second side to be used as well.

There are innumerable other hacks involving floppies and cassettes and Commodore PET peek and poke secrets that once stuffed my brain but that have now FIFOed out.

Earlier in the year Jason wrote, also with commendable detail, about his work to preserve himself, in The Other Half and The Followup.

Jason, in writing with such grace about his medical adventures, joins an (unfortunately) long line of bloggers—Doc Searles and Om Malik, to name but two—who’ve done likewise by times. In doing so they do all of us a great service.