Janitor Receives Purse of Gold

Clipping from The Guardian, December 9, 1916From The Guardian, December 9, 1916, and generous appreciation of the janitor at Prince Street School:

Last evening on behalf of the parents, pupils, and ratepayers connected with Prince Street School, Mr. C. W. P. Seale, of this City, waited upon Mr. Augustus Mitchell, janitor of the school and surprised him with the presentation of a purse of gold and the following address. Mr. Mitchell expressed his surprise and only consented to accept on being assured that it was a farewell offering on the part of practically everybody connected with the school and in appreciation of the splendid service he had given continuously since he became connected with the school, a service which included, in addition to the ordinary work of a janitor, a kindly and gentlemanly oversight of the children in attendance:

Mr. Augustus Mitchell,
Upper Prince Street School.
Dear Mr. Mitchell:

We, the friends of Upper Prince Street School, desire to express our appreciation of the manner in which you have performed your arduous work as Janitor. We are aware that when you first took charge of our school, you found matters not too pleasant on account of a lack of proper care of the school both inside and out. After years of hard work on your part, both, school and grounds have become a credit to the city and a joy and pleasure to the school children. Its freedom from disease germs, on account of the cleanliness of the rooms, enables parents to send their children with confidence that, so far as the school building is concerned all is well. We doubt that in the whole of Canada there is a neater kept school grounds than those of Upper Prince, for which we tender you our sincerest thanks.

We ask, therefore, as as small token of our appreciation of your labor, not only in connection with the school grounds, but in your watchful over the tender youths in attendance here, that you will accept this gift with the humble hope that you may long be spared to continue your good work with us.

– On behalf of the Parents and Pupils of Prince Street School.

The Guardian heartily commends the above sentiments express in the address. Prince Street School has for some years been a recognized beauty spot in the city and the credit for this is entirely due to Mr. Mitchell’s tireless efforts and continuous care. The sentiment and the gift will be appreciated by the teachers and the pupils, all of whom hold Mr. Mitchell in the highest esteem. The city is fortunate in having in such an important and responsible position a man who is so thoroughly reliable and competent to perform the duties entrusted to him.