Jackhammers: Day Three

The jackhammers are back at it again today. Dennis upstairs said last night that the silver lining the the cacophony is that when the knock off at the end of the day it seems more silent than usual.

I’ve still received no reply to my email to Les Parsons at CADC, but I did receive an encouraging email from the City of Charlottetown Planning Department indicating that they would bring the matter forward to CADC on our behalf.

David from Calgary suggested that I try to contact the Project Manager for the work, reasoning that it’s always in a contractor’s best interests to maintain good community relations. I tried to find out who’s doing the work through the Construction Association of PEI, but they told me that because the work wasn’t put to tender (!), they have no record of this; they suggested I contact CADC.

More as the hammering continues…