Jabber + Weblogs.com

Doc Searls has been writing about Jabber again.

I mentioned the product here back in September, and I’ve been a contented user ever since. After having gone for years ignoring the instant messaging thing, I’ve become a convert, largely because for brother Johnny and I, working together under the Reinvented flag now, he on one coast and I on another, it is our lifeline.

In need of a procrastinatory activity for a Sunday afternoon, I decided to glue two concepts together: Jabber and Weblogs.com.

As I wrote here earlier, every time I update this website, I’m now also automatically updating the Weblogs.com list of recently updated sites.

So today I wrote a little Perl script that sucks in a list of sites I want to be updated about changes on, then, once an hour, goes to the XML version of the Weblogs.com site, and if any of the sites I’m interested in have changed, I get a pop-up message from Jabber saying “Hey, this site has changed.”

I’ll post the Perl source here once I get it cleaned up.