iTunes + AOL + Canada

It appears that if you download the new iTunes update, and you’ve got an existing AOL account, with an AOL wallet, you can purchase iTunes songs from Canada, which is otherwise not possible.


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I want itunes in canada without aol dammit you stupid mother fuckers work it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here’s what I recieved from the Canadian Recording Industry Assoc. and the CMRRA about the status of iTunes in Canada.


… “We are presently in negotiations with Apple to license IMS for activity in Canada, and we hope those negotiations lead us to an agreement soon.” …

You might do well to convey your interest in IMS to Apple, as I’m sure they would be interested in knowing that there’s real demand for their product in this market. However, as I noted above, the timing and manner of the IMS launch in this country is entirely in Apple’s hands.


My information is that iTunes is currently in final licensing negotiations with publishers and we expect its launch early this year.

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You cannot use AOL Wallet to buy music from iTunes within Canada, UNLESS your credit card information is linked to an address in the U.S. Thus, we must keep waiting…

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With the above comments I would just say ignore the stupid idiots at the beginning of the thread. You cannot use an AOL Wallet with either a canadian IP or US IP address. Puretracks sucks due to it’s lack of support for iPod. When will this happen. I would gladly pay for my music, but if the idiotic Canadain Music industry can’t figure it out I guess that iMesh or Morpheus are Canadians only choice.

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So, I want the iTunes music store to open up in Canada, and I’m guessing you do too. Craploads of cool features, and a way better music-buying experience.

So that’s where my latest pipe-dream comes into play. I’m going to try to round up about 100,000 signatures of Canadian iTunes users, or 5,000,000 pledged track purchases, to throw at Apple’s feet and say “Look guys, Canada can buy more music than you gave away for free during your big showy Pepsi promotion*, so open it up here now.”

*They wanted people to redeem 100 million tracks, they only saw 5 million taken.

Working on an ad spoofing the Pepsi/Superbowl spot. We’ll shoot on location in Banff, and Vancouver.

Anyway, here’s the article……

And here’s the petition……

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I’m guessing apple is dying for this to happen, and is more of a problem negotiating the rights with the canadian record labels. Really, you should be petitioning them as well.

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Kevin S. on August 2, 2004 - 06:38 Permalink

Dear Apple,

I just bought my iMac last week and had no idea that I could not download music from iTunes in Canada. This is amazing to me. I would rather buy music online than download it illegally. I do not want to buy another CD for $15+ and have it totally SUCK (ie. the new Modest Mouse album).

I love my Mac, but this part of it really licks ass. Pop a mint and give us iTunes in Canada!

Kevin S.

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Colin on August 23, 2004 - 18:12 Permalink

Hurry up i am sick of Canada being in last place, get the dam i tunes, Thanks to apple at least we have cool products and might some day have proper music downloads.

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Are you aware that when itunes finally comes to Canada you will have to have windows 2000 up?? I have windows 98 so I’ll be left out of the loop. Do I free download for new tunes?? Yes — I use WINMX and have had good luck with it. Believe it’s a Canadian company and the good part is it has no spyware. I have downloaded from Puretracks but find it cumbersome. Not sure if you have to use windows 2000 up for Napster or not.