It’s a Small World After All

Several years ago I was working for The Anne of Green Gables Store here in Charlottetown doing product development. One of the products we wanted to develop was the driftwood folk art of former Premier Alex Campbell. So I was dispatched to his summer home in Stanley Bridge to see what I could see. I spent a very pleasant afternoon with Alex and his wife, drinking lemonade, talking about driftwood, and touring his workshop.

Meanwhile, across the Island, my consort Catherine was becoming ever more deeply involved in the Island spinning and weaving scene. One of the women she met through this work was Harriet Meacher. Catherine mentioned that Harriet and her husband Michael had a summer house in Stanley Bridge.

It was only several years later that, no doubt with the assistance of “connector node” Catherine Hennessey, I came to learn that Harriet is Alex’s sister.

Small world, take one.

Fast forward to this Saturday: we were having some people over to the house to look at our slides of Spain. Catherine invited Harriet, and she planned to drop by, but something came up and she couldn’t. One of the people who did come was Roy Johnstone. Roy got talking to my father, and learned that the Queens County Fiddlers were having a concert Saturday night at the Carrefour. So while I cleaned up the dishes and looked after Oliver, Mom and Dad and Catherine went to the concert. Who should they meet there, but the selfsame Harriet.

Small world, take two.

On Sunday, Harriet, suffering from gallbladder problems goes to the Internet to look for more information on her condition. Where does her searching the vastness of the web land her? Right here.

Small world, take three.


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Ken on June 2, 2003 - 17:31 Permalink

Small Island Peter, small island…

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lana on June 2, 2003 - 22:15 Permalink

To clarify, Island population: 3.