It’s official: regional telco names dead

This news from the [excellent] Telecom Update from Angus TeleManagement:

ALIANT RETIRES PROVINCIAL TELCO NAMES: The four Atlantic telcos, NewTel, IslandTel, MT&T, and NBTel, merged in 1999, but kept their separate provincial identities. That’s now changing: the telco will operate as Aliant in all four provinces, and has launched a region-wide campaign to promote the brand.

The most obvious change is the new Island website for Aliant, which, confusingly, exists in parallel with the website formerly known as Hopefully this mess will clear up, and we’ll have a clearer source for Aliant-related information in future.


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Alan on April 28, 2003 - 17:11 Permalink

Aliant will be dead soon, too. When you call directory assistance here for PEI (902) 555-1212 you get Bell and when I needed to fix a Alaint Mobility bill, Bell did it. 18 months. 12 months after Coke and Pepsi stop supplying PEI with bottled pop.