It’s now a Climate Crisis in the Newspaper

From an editorial in today’s Charlottetown Guardian (which is part of the larger SaltWire conglomerate):

From now on, we at SaltWire will refer to what’s happening to our climate as a climate crisis, instead of the usual “climate change.”

It represents a change in tone that we feel is appropriate to the urgency of the matter.

We’ve been chewing on this for some months now, since the group Extinction Rebellion besieged our office in Halifax and were invited in for a chat.

They asked us to consider this change in language, as they’re convinced people aren’t alarmed enough about the issue to insist that governments do something. Referring to it consistently as a crisis or emergency, they said, could eventually help people change how they feel about it. It could make a difference.

Extinction Rebellion deserves our thanks for making this case; SaltWire deserves our thanks for listening, and acting.