It’s Microformats Day

I’ve update the blogroll page here to accurately reflect the weblogs and podcasts that are in my NetNewsWire — i.e. the ones I read and listen to every day.

As an added bonus, the page is now formatted using the xFolk standard, meaning that if you’ve installed the nifty Operator extension for Firefox, the page will do extra magical things Firefox Operator Extension in use

And while dallying in the world of microformats, I took a couple of additional steps: all of the posts here in the weblog have their tags formatted using rel-tag and my contact information page is now an hCard if you look under the hood.

I’ve also updated the PlazesPHPBlog code to automatically insert the latitude and longitude of my current Plazes location using the geo microformat.


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Richard on February 13, 2007 - 00:56 Permalink

It’s Microformats Day? If I would have known, I would have dressed up!

I’ve been quietly microformatting my weblog as well, the last few months. I think I’m still one up on you, Ruk, since my entries are formatted in… as well as xFolk (the latter only for the low-threshold links). hAtom makes me wonder why we need a separate feed for a site anymore…

Most of my reviews are marked up in hReview, though I have about 6 months of entries to work through still. That said, I think the Microformats crew are kidding themselves if they believe people are going to hand-code whatever they write with this stuff. (It’s hard to tell what they think on that matter…microformats seem more suited to machines than people.) At the content production side of things, microformats being automated somewhat in either a WYSIWYG editor (i.e. select text and press a “this is a person” button) or in the back-end, like I do in my Drupal theme. At the consumption side of things, if microformats increase the number of search engines I get included in, and if browsers can remix my site in exciting ways, then hey, I’m all for ‘em.