It wasn’t the coffee maker, it was the grinder…

Over the last year my morning espresso macchiato has been descending into chaos: rather than incisive wonder, it was putrid swamp.

I cleaned the coffee machine. I cleaned the grinder. I experimented with my tamping style. I experimented with timing. I switched beans. I cleaned the coffee machine again. I cleaned the grinder again.

But the swamp water kept coming.

Then, last week, I spotted containers of Urnex Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets on the shelves for retail sale at Receiver Coffee; I asked Chris, personable owner of Receiver, whether they might help, and he gave me a small sample to try.

They worked wonders!

The swamp water is gone, and the incisive wonder is back. It’s like I have a whole new grinder, and a whole new coffee machine.

You can buy the tablets at Receiver Coffee Brass Shop for $19.00 a container; that’s enough to do a lot of cleaning, as you only need a capful or two.

Highly recommended.

Photo of Urnex Grinder Cleaner