It gets better (worse).

So I called the Island Tel High Speed Business desk to see if I moved to their Business as opposed to their Residental High Speed Internet product, could I get better technical support.
What I was told, in essence, was the Island Tel has nothing to do with the technical support for Residential High Speed Internet. In fact the guy I talked so said that he had no idea who offered technical support for Residential High Speed Internet.
Apparently, if I sign a three-year contract (although I was told that this is a “meaningless” verbal contract that I could easily get out of), I can get Business High Speed Internet for $59.95 a month. This gives me all sorts of cruft that I don’t need (domain name, etc.), but also apparently lets me talk to actual Island Tel technicians (as opposed to the mystery guys that handle Residential support, that is).
The question is, should I continue to date Island Tel at this point, or look at the Eastlink offering?