It’s always winter at Stalag 13

I’ve been trapped in a Hogan’s Heroes vortex for several days now: the YouTube singularity thinks it’s on to something, and I keep confirming it.

This led me to Wikipedia, where I learned that, despite being shot in California, every single episode was set in winter:

Although it was never snowing on the film set and the weather was apparently sunny, there was snow on the ground and building roofs, and frost on the windows. The set designers created the illusion of snow two ways: the snow during the first several seasons was made out of salt. By the fourth season the show’s producers found a more permanent solution and lower cost, using white paint to give the illusion of snow. By the sixth and final season – with a smaller budget – most of the snow shown on the set was made out of paint.

And then there’s Bing Crosby.