Downloaded iSync. Synced iBook to iPod to PalmPilot 5000 (which is 7 years old!). All went according to plan. Couldn’t sync with dot mac as it appears to be completely off the air tonight. iSync is slower than I would like, but it does exactly as promised.

By the way, Piloting Palm is an interesting read, especially if you’ve had a PalmPilot for a long time like I have. It’s an interesting look inside a Silicon Valley start-up, and if nothing else I learned that Big Companies work just about the same way that Little Companies do, but with more money and people’s jobs on the line. The other interesting thing I learned is that Palm hasn’t actually had a product called the Pilot for over 5 years; interesting because I’d say the at least 95% of references to a Palm device I hear day-to-day are still to PalmPilot or some variation. There marketing, viral and otherwise, was too good.