An Island moment”

A delightful Prince Edward Island story from Clark. Like he writes, “This could have happened no where else.”


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David Ross on July 6, 2019 - 22:43 Permalink

Indeed this could have happened no where else, but happens with some regularity here. Many years ago we were out at Lot 30 for a New Year's Eve dinner. With dinner finished and the bill paid, we phoned a cab around 10:00 to head home. Being New Year's Eve in Charlottetown, cabs were scarce and the wait was long. Having nowhere else we needed to be we were happy to sit and wait, but Traci Bailey, the restaurant's co-proprietor, insisted that she would drive us home, coincidentally also over the bridge. It is an under-appreciated blessing to be able to live in such a place, and it's reassuring to get a reminder of it from time to time.