Island Cappuccino Morning #2: Timothy’s

I had high hopes for Timothy’s when I walked in this morning on the second day of my “okay, now that you like coffee you have to try and find the best place in Charlottetown for a morning cappuccino” quest: they have arguably the nicest staff of all the coffee shops in town (and certainly the hippest) and it’s the most pleasant coffee shop to simply hang out in. But, alas, the cappuccino came served in a standard coffee mug, which is just plain wrong. And as a result the coffee languished separate and apart from the foam, and it was impossible to effectively stir in the sugar. The coffee itself, perhaps for related reasons, tasted weak and diluted. Sadly, I came away unimpressed.

On the other hand, I did get to chat with both Brenda Brady and Harry Holman.

Timothy's Cappuccino