Iranian Pomegranate Juice

Just by chance, Catherine picked up a Tetra Pak of Iranian pomegranate juice from Kozy Korner Cafe on Prince Street (the former Eddie’s Lunch, Viva’s and Marinagrill space). I’ve avoided Kozy Korner: too many Ks, unappealing “Downy Fresh” smell from the laundromat, and too many memories of the greater days before. But man is the pomegranate good: add a little soda water and a lime and you could be, well, anywhere exotic you might wish to be.


Bob Shand's picture
Bob Shand on December 10, 2008 - 19:53 Permalink

/me looks out over the rain soaked rooftops and wishes he was elsewhere.

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Leo on December 10, 2008 - 21:45 Permalink

I am not a big fan of “K”s either in the name but they also make some great shawarmas — My friend Ruth would want me to say that they are the “best” in Charlottetown !