Insert Generic Old Building Photo Here

Last week a big sign went up at the corner of Prince and Grafton in downtown Charlottetown advertising a new house project called Grafton Street Condominiums:

NOKIA Lumia 800_000593

While the top photo is clearly of the new development itself, and the bottom-right photo is of Province House, I couldn’t place the photo in the bottom-left corner: I didn’t recall seeing a building like in downtown Charlottetown, and certainly not in the neighbourhood:

NOKIA Lumia 800_000592

The building did, however, look like an Island building, and the streetscape had a PEI flavour to it, but looked more Summerside than Charlottetown. Sure enough, a quick tour of downtown Summerside on Google Street View showed that this, in fact, is a photo of Summerside City Hall:

Summerside City Hall