IHT: Thing of Beauty

The online International Herald Tribune is truly a thing of beauty. I believe it’s the first online version of a newspaper that matches the richness of the printed page. The “bells and whistles” of the site are useful rather than garish. The paper is building its online brand by simply being better rather than trying to layer a digital skim coat over its newsprint.

The International Herald Tribune is a familiar and welcome friend to travelers: when you are out at the edges of the earth (from a Prince Edward Island perspective), the IHT is often the only local English-language newspaper available.


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Alan on November 29, 2003 - 16:02 Permalink

[I didn’t know you could pick it up in Pictou…]

It is a great paper which I used during extended work periods in Poland and Holland to follow the NHL before the days of the internet. I’ll have to check it out on line as I have relegated it to a travel paper and not a daily at home one.