If this then that…

Dan Misener pointed to ifttt.com a couple of weeks ago and I curiously followed the link to see what it was. What it is: IF This Then That.

What is to say, a web service that lets you do things like “if I get a Twitter direct message, then call my mobile phone and read it to me.” Which looks like this:

The service has a rich array of triggers (things like “if I get an email message,” “if there are new photos in my Flickr,” “if something new shows up on craigslist.” “if the current temperature drops below X”) complemented by an equally rich array of actions (“call my phone and read it to me,” “send an IM to Google Talk,” “add to my Instapaper,” “post to Facebook”), all wrapped up in a nice, simple, bold user interface.

IFTTT is the kind of Internet plumbing that the open web was built to enable; in turn it enables building all sorts of new and interesting applications for the open web. I encourage you to check it out and if you develop interesting and useful recipes, post them in the comments as fodder for others.