I Own a Stethoscope!

We visited the new Princess Auto store in Charlottetown for the first time tonight (it opened yesterday).

We had little idea what to expect. And even after visiting the store I can’t tell you exactly what business they’re in.

But I did buy a stethoscope for $13.


Because at the vet on Tuesday when Dr. Jameson was checking Ethan’s heart I distinctly remember thinking “it would be so great if civilians were allowed to have stethoscopes.”

And apparently we are.

It turns out that a stethoscope is essentially a tube with a tiny snare drum at the end. I had no idea (I’m not sure what I thought a stethoscope was, but it wasn’t that).


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Nathan on June 4, 2016 - 07:54 Permalink

Princess Auto sells tools and parts for people that want to repair and build machines. A refreshing change from other big box stores that are eliminating parts from their shelves.