I met you at a house party in Montreal”

I’ve had Montreal, by Port Cities (recorded | live | remix) on rotation for weeks now.

It is a lovely song, with strong lyrics. But, more than that, I think it’s a sort of universal song, inasmuch as the possibility of meeting someone at a house party in Montreal is within the atlas of possibilities for many Canadians: it just seems like the kind of thing we might all have in our past.

I recall hearing a story, perhaps apocryphal, about the late Marc Gallant: he was living in an apartment in Montreal, and about to be evicted. So he invited everyone he knew to a house party and asked everyone to take something from the apartment home with them, to prevent the apartment’s contents from being seized by the landlord.

Just over a decade ago we saw Bruce Guthro in concert at Harmony House in Hunter River; Bruce brought his then-17-year-old son Dylan up on stage with him during that concert, and it was obvious that he’d inherited the family musicality. Ten years on he’s one of the trio that is Port Cities.


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Andrew on May 30, 2019 - 08:58 Permalink

Enjoyed seeing Port Cities live here in Calgary last weekend. Very impressed by their energy in stage.

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Nicholas MacDonald on May 30, 2019 - 10:26 Permalink

We are big Port Cities fans in our household, mainly because Carleton Stone (the other male member in the group) is my wife's first cousin! Hope you get the chance to check them out live sometime they are here!

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Nicholas MacDonald on May 31, 2019 - 13:52 Permalink

Looks like you can catch them Canada day in Victoria Park hosted by the City of Charlottetown from 9-10pm, right before the fireworks!