I Got Soul and Vision

Hertz’s “take any car you want” lottery served me well this time, presenting a shiny red Kia Soul front and centre as we entered the lot. It is a zippy car, pleasantly roomy, with friendly controls.

Photo of Kia Soul, from the balcony at Yankee Publishing

Tonight was a recapitulation of last night: I was back at Pearl for supper, this time with a different crew, all women, all Almanac-affiliated. A delightful bunch. I had oysters again (all Malpeques this time). And chili-grilled salmon again. Same play; different cast.

Earlier in the day I managed to almost miss the lunchtime vision board exercise at HQ, arriving only in the final minutes. So I didn’t have a lot of time to execute.

But I conjured some good vision; especially about the shirts and the yellow steering wheel.

And this despite my source material being limited to the AAA travel magazine and an issue of Country Woman.

My Vision Board