Off I Go

I’m off in a few minutes for the start of my Grand European Tour. A tour that starts, somewhat ignominiously, with a 4 hour drive to the Halifax airport. By the time most of you get up tomorrow morning I should be installed in my lovely AirBNB-sourced apartment in Mainz, Germany.

My efforts to stay in touch with home have reached new heights: calls to any of my PEI numbers (home. mobile, office) will now route to our office PBX which, in turn, will route them to Google Voice which, in turn, will route them to Google Chat running on any of my various devices.  I’ll be in touch, certainly, but it might sound like I’m climbing Everest what with all that re-routing.

Enjoy July.


Shawn's picture
Shawn on July 3, 2012 - 18:44 Permalink

Sounds like an interesting trip, Peter. Have a safe voyage.