I can also learn to live unseen and unheard.”

Laurie Brown, and the Pondercast podcast she partners, are dipping below the horizon.

In writing about this, Laurie describes this “disappearing act”:

So, what’s next?? There is more art waiting in the wings that I can concentrate on now. I can also learn to live unseen and unheard. After being in the public eye/ear for almost forty years, I know there are important lessons for me here.  So, my next act is a disappearing one.

Pondercast has been an important soundtrack for me in recent years, with its zenith coming, for me and Olivia, in 2018 when we went to a live show in Wolfville. That was a loving, connecting trip for us when we really really needed a loving, connecting trip, and Pondercast was the supportive glue that stuck it together.

No sentence sums of the zeitgeist of the last 4 years for me better than this one, from October 2021:

There is an upside to music dropping out of your life, and that’s having it return.

Having those words to accrete feelings around helped me dig myself out of a hole that I’d been digging for a long time. For that I’m truly thankful.

So long for now, Laurie.