I am so hot!”

It’s Sunday afternoon. Oliver is out with his University of PEI peers participating in a downtown scavenger hunt.

My phone rings: it’s Oliver, making a Google Duo video call.

Oliver: I am so hot!

Me: Where are you?

Oliver: I’m downtown, in the park by your old office.

Me: What about your water bottle?

Oliver: It’s empty.

Me: Okay, look in the corner, over by Richmond Centre; you will see a blue water fountain with a water bottle refiller. Go and refill your water bottle.

Oliver: Okay.

I happened to know that there was a water fountain there because I added it to OpenStreetMap two months ago.

All kinds of interoperating technology FTW.


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Oliver B on September 2, 2019 - 20:04 Permalink

That IS hot