I am not in Rimouski

Rimouski, contrary to popular belief (such as it is), is actually quite a nice town. Stunning waterfront. Wonderful downtown museum in an old church lovingly renovated. Great collection of restaurants (Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Sushi Bar, etc.). There is, of course, for most Islanders (or anyone else), not reason to “pass through” Rimouski, so I expect it gets far less tourist visitation than it rightly deserves.

That I was able, with 5 minutes of driving around, to find an open WiFi access point in Rimouski suggests to me that WiFi is now very close to “available everywhere.” I didn’t have it in me to drive around in the foggy rain of Levis tonight (which is where we are now), so I’m dialed in to my emergency Earthlink account. Boy is the Internet ever a horrible place to be at 24,000 bps.

Our weekend gone mad will see us in Quebec City until Thursday, followed by a mad dash back to the Island to pick up where our life left off.


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Alan on August 5, 2003 - 12:36 Permalink

We have loved Rimouski since we used to travel from Pembroke to PEI for summer holidays between 1992 and 1997. It was a great half way point. PEI owes much to the local Junior A team, the “Oceanics”, being where Brad Richards and I think a Ling learned and upped their pro games. I recall a mid-90’s internet cafe/bar so WiFi does not surprise me. We always stayed at the Hotel Rimouski for 69 bucks which had at least one waiter always on staff whose job was apparently to speak English about hockey — you can also eat rabbits or deer for every course at the restaruant, except perhaps dessert. I think summer is out of season as they cater to skiers and snowmobilers in winter. The train from Moncton stops there at 3:00 am. Beats the hell out of Edmonston, a nice but smelly place to stop mid-way.

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Ann on August 5, 2003 - 19:19 Permalink

I just read an article in the paper that sais that all MacDonalds are going to offer wireless..which will save you those lonely drives around rainy towns…as a matter of fact, I can see the commercials now…disheveled guy looking for a way to contact his girlfriend…sees the golden arches through the rain spattered windshield- cut to him munching on a burger and typing on his laptop with a cutline like…there’s something about MacDonald’s that brings you closer to the ones you love.
Or to cardiac arrest…but I bet they don’t mention that.

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Chris on August 6, 2003 - 16:12 Permalink

I read heard this from TechTV.

McDonalds will offer 2 hours of WiFi access using some type of authentication process. If you’re having problems accessing the network, you should have your cell phone on you. “Good luck getting support from the order counter”.

Now, I can’t remember if WiFi with your extra value meal will cost anything or not. I understand 50 resturaunts in the SanFrasico aera had this service available.

Watch the fry grease on your touchpad.