I Am Cursed

So here I am on Sunday afternoon, in at the office hoping to get some work done without the din of the jackhammers. Except that today’s the day that Nathan has decided to construct some sort of sailboat out of 2x4s in the back yard, 4 feet from my office window. Which requires use of Noisy Power Tools.

Try as I might, thus, I cannot escape the din. I might as well fold and move to New York City and set up on the sidewalk. Sigh.


Andrew Chisholm's picture
Andrew Chisholm on March 26, 2006 - 20:08 Permalink

Look at it this way, Peter. Once Nathan is finished building his sailboat, he might take you for a sail around the beautiful island shores… if it sails.

Nathan's picture
Nathan on March 26, 2006 - 23:54 Permalink

Sorry about that Peter, I didn’t realize you were at the office. I wish I was building a sailboat, but I was only cutting concrete board for my bathroom floor.

Mandy's picture
Mandy on March 27, 2006 - 13:43 Permalink

Nice one Nathan, always causing trouble :-P

Kevin O'Brien's picture
Kevin O'Brien on March 29, 2006 - 13:50 Permalink

I was looking forward to pictures of the boat -