I am a Connection Machine

You may recall that a year ago, Nadja, the eldest daughter of my dear old friends Yvonne and Bob, landed on Prince Edward Island with friends, a leg on their post-graduation east coast tour.

Fast-forward a year, and Nadja is now thousands of miles away, rough camping in a Slovakian castle with her partner Hannes.

Next week they’re headed for Berlin and, challenged for a place to stay, asked me if I knew of someone they could crash with.

My friend Morgan gamely and generously volunteered.

Which is how I found myself today chatting with Morgan in Berlin via Twitter in one window and Nadja in Slovakia in another, coordinating details of said arrangement.

I haven’t been this connection-proud since I arranged for Nadja’s cousin Cal to visit SoundCloud 4 years ago.

You are a generous city, Berlin.