How’s my driving?

I was riding my bicycle downtown from the Metro Credit Union back to the office along University Avenue when, near the intersection with Euston Street I was passed by a Brinks armoured truck with about 4 inches to spare between me and them. If they’d been any closer to me, I would have been knocked off my bike.

As the truck drove away I noticed at the the toll-free telephone number 1-800-827-SAFE was printed on the back, along with a vehicle ID number of UL524.

When I got back to the office I called the number to report the incident. The call was answered on the first ring, and the operator took me through a questionnaire: what kind of truck was it, what colour, where to the incident occur, and so on. And the end of the call they indicated that the file would be passed on to “the safety director.”

It turns out that 1-800-827-SAFE is operated by Driver’s Alert:

Driver’s Alert helps companies manage their fleet safety and vehicle monitoring whether they have one vehicle or tens of thousands, all at one location or with multiple locations in the US, US territories and Canada. There are over 10,000 companies on our vehicle monitoring program and that number is increasing. Our clients include insurance companies, trucking companies, law enforcement agencies, school districts, delivery services, utilities,waste management companies and many more.

While I’m normally not a big fan of 1-800-SNITCH-ON-SOMEONE services, in this case I was happy to have the opportunity to at least record my frustration and know that, even if some infinitesimally small way, I might be making the roads safer for the next bike.


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I’ve encountered a similar situation in the past week wherein I was driving along I-5 just before Mulkiteo and all of a sudden this huge transport trailer made a suden lane change without any signal and nearly caught my front bumper. At the back of the vehicle was a decal ID showing “Hows My Driving” and the corresponding toll-free number and the website

At this point my blood was still boiling at the driver for his erractic and negligent driving. After getting the decal info, I called in and reported the driver. The operator was courteous and took all the info that I reported. She then advised me that in order to address the report
accordingly I had to provide my name and contact number for the Safety Manager to validate the report. She also informed me that this was an option and not mandatory. But she assured me that no one else would see my data. After hesitating at first, I gave in. She thank me for participating in the program.

Shortly thereafter, I received a call from the Safety Manager of Fleetwatch Systems, the company that operates
and validated the report. Explained that this is procedure they provide for their clients. Within 2 hours I got a call from the transport company that subcribes to the the service and thank me for calling in the report. The Trasportation Manager told me that this is a serious offense and the company does not tolerate this type of driving from their employees and would be dealing with the driver.

I was very pleased to know that my comments or complaint did not fall on deaf ears. I too know from my experience that “Hows My Driving” program really works.

I just hope more people would use it. Thank you

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Hi you can join this program from free and will give you same benefit. It’s Canadian of course,


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Today at 00:15 am, I saw one of your van with RI license stopping on the highway near exit 26 in Pawtucket, RI, the driver of the van dropped a person off in the highway and continued heading to 95 North. The driver risked the life of the person dropped off because of the temperature in single digit and the person walked all the way through exit 26 that is very dangerous. Thank you

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February 1, 2011 just before 1:00 p.m. West end of Valencia Town Center Mall, Valencia, Calif. where a circle intersection a 3-way entersection.
I was starting to turn right and a TAN FORD EXPLORER ( LICENSE 5MWU370 ) came driving fast from my left crossing in front of me. She had a stop sign but ignored it. I had the legal right of way to turn right as I had already stopped my vehicle. As the lady crossed in front of me in her vehicle she was too busy talking on a cell phone which is illegal in Calif. She was clearly driving too fast and almost hit two ladies crossing the other intersection with a baby stroller. God forbid she stopped in time. Clearly she was in a hurry to drive to the south side of the mall parking lot. As I followed her to get the phone number I saw on the back of her vehicle. I think she saw me following her and was trying to lose me. But when she parked her car I wrote down the information and the phone number. She got out of car and I yelled at her she ran the stop sign and was talking on a cell phone at the same time. Maybe she was on her lunch hour. I told her it was against the law to talk while driving a vehicle and irratates me that people feel they are so important that they can’t wait and park a car before before using the cell phone. They make ear phones where their hands can be free to pay attention to driving. Maybe then she would be able to drive better and not think she was so important that she could break rules in driving. I am really venting right now.
She was a blong lady with sunglasses.
Phone number on back of SUV was 1-800-827-SAFE 318 DM

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Just wanted to thank you for this post. I encountered a truck driving badly that had its 800-827-SAFE sticker partially covered (the 7 and the entire ID code were hidden). With careful searching I found this site and was able to report on the driver. I made sure to get the license plate since the ID code was hidden. I don’t like snitching either, that the first time I’ve called such a number, but this time it was warranted. Thanks for the info on the company behind the number.

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I run a small transportation company and I am always appreciative when people call us about our drivers. I am unable to be with the vehicles all of the time and often don’t know exactly what they are doing. Complaints from the public are used to let our drivers know that they are always being watched and that we are professional drivers that need to act that way. I always use them in my safety meetings to point out different aspects of defensive driving that we could all use a refresher on. I love getting compliments about my drivers, when they have gone the extra mile to be helpful or just courteous, it gives our company a good name and encourages the drivers to keep doing the right thing. So, rest assured when you call any of these numbers, or even the company directly you are helping to make the roadways a safer place.

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You have someone driving a semi with 2 tractor trailers in the back for Roma Foods and the 2nd trailer didn't have brake lights it only have tail lights so nobody could tell when he was about to stop during rush hour traffic on I-4 in Orlando at 7am. The number on the 2nd trailer was 815092 and on the yellow sticker 380 AL. Someone should check this stuff before they drive down a busy road in the middle lane.

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Today at 4:08 I saw your truck driving and they was driving like ass and going way to slow. Not very happy about this