How to Travel Plan without Going Crazy

I’ve come to realize that it’s impossible to simultaneously plan to travel and decide whether to travel.

The two involve incompatible thought processes.

This is because if you’re on the fence rather than fully committed every stage of travel-planning will involve some fulcrum against which you can make your decision to travel more difficult.

Oh, if I do that then I’ll be carrying around that pair of bagpipes around London at six o’clock in the morning. I can’t go!”

There aren’t any rooms at that great hotel with the yellow curtains. I can’t go!”

Travel is hard, and full of stress bogeymen. Unless you’re past the point of no return, those bogeyman can trump almost any logic.

A tremendous aid to easing this burden is to purchase non-refundable air tickets as the first step in any travel-planning exercise. There is nothing to focus the mind and make one fully commit to a project like having a pile of money on the line that will be rendered useless without the accoutrements to go with it (place to stay, something to do, etc.). And the will to go in the first place.