How to Save on Home Heating Oil

Just in case everyone in the world doesn’t know this already: if you are a member of a coop or credit union, and you buy your home heating oil from Coop Fuels, you qualify for their Member Rebate Program:

As a member of a co-op or credit union on PEI you will receive a rebate of 3.0 cents per litre. You will also receive a GST refund (on the amount of the rebate) on all your heating fuel purchased from Co-op Fuels Ltd.

We’ve been benefiting from this program for 15 heating seasons, and it’s not an insubstantial windfall: our last bill of the winter season, in May, is usually half of what it would have been otherwise.


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Jodi McLellan on April 8, 2008 - 17:59 Permalink

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