How to keep frequent handwashing from destroying your hands…

Very early on in her life with cancer, Catherine benefited from a call with an anonymous “cancer buddy,” a veteran who knew the drill.

One piece of useful advice she got was to up our family handwashing game: keep the soap stocked, get a supply of cloth towels to use once and then launder, leave hand sanitizer by the front door. And make sure everyone washes their hands, all the time.

When you wash your hands in a life or death way, as we’re all doing now, they can start to shrivel up and die in a way that exceeds the capabilities of regular moisturizers.

Fortunately, I found O’Keeffe’s Working Hands. You only need a tiny bit of it—indeed the instructions on the tube command this—to return your hands from the dry wastelands, and they don’t end up feeling greasy or sticky.

You can find O’Keeffe’s in most pharmacies these days. A tube lasts me 6 months.