How I Buy Toothpaste

There’s too much choice in the toothpaste aisle, but I’ve got a system: in my Evernote I keep a photo of my go-to brand, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.

Toothpaste is toothpaste is toothpaste as far as I’m concerned, and I buy this brand not because of its multiple adjectives, but rather because I really like the cap.

Old-style screw-on caps fly away too easily, and require the tube to be stored horizontally; newer-style hinged snap-shut caps allow vertical storage, but get clogged too easily.

The cap on the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief is rather ingenious. On first use the tube gets “cracked open” by using the top of the cap as a sort of wrench; from then on the substantial hard-to-lose cap screws on with a very satisfying click; it never gets clogged, and it allows the tube to stand vertically.

I don’t know why this isn’t the standard on all toothpastes.