I stumbled across in my fumbling around for a hotel in Boston during the DNC. As a travel logistics fan, the site is right up my alley: news, notes and opinions about hotels.

The site has an RSS feed, which the site owners recently flipped to show the full text of posts (thanks!).

By the way, as described here, Edward Hasbrouck has converted his own RSS feed to show the full text of posts too, on a trial basis.

In other travel news: the spirits seem to be calling me back to Thailand. First comes an invite from my friend Steve to come and stay with him in his new house in Bangkok.

Next, we happened upon an episode of Tony Bourdain’s excellent A Cook’s Tour television show that focused on food in Chiang Mai on the Food Network (it was great; Bourdain is the author of Kitchen Confidential, which we just finished listening to the audiobook version of).

And last night we caught an episode of Valerie Pringle Has Left The Building that was also shot in Chiang Mai. As chance would have it, we ran into Pringle and her crew in Bangkok in their way north to shoot this episode, an event that prompted me to lambast her for poor manners. Pringle’s time in the city was considerably more upscale than ours. We weren’t living close the ground, exactly. But our hotel cost us about $25/night and her room at the Four Seasons was, I dare say, somewhat more.

Pringle was far less objectionable on television than she was in person, by the way.


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Lisa Howard on August 1, 2004 - 20:22 Permalink

I was at the optometrix today getting my sunglasses fixed (one of the arms had come off and was missing a screw so she fixed it and didn’t charge me which I appreciated) and I saw some pictures of lovely ‘Dalmatia” (which I guess is where the dogs come from) in one of the glossy brochures they keep on the table where you wait. I think if I had the money, I’d probably travel a lot. I would love to go to Thailand. Actually, I’d settle for Venice which isn’t nearly as far, or even lake Balaton, which I hear Hungarians rave about. However, babies are nice right now, especially when they’re freshly laundered.