Home Grown Tofu

Hardy’s Organic Products in Alberton, PEI, makes organic tofu:

Currently, Old Dock Farm grows a large percentage of the soybeans used to make Maritime Soycraft Tofu. Other crops grown include clover, timothy, and hay for the 25+ calf/cattle. Soybeans and grains such as milling wheat and oats take up the rest of the 210 acres. Old Dock Farm is the first and the only Certified Organic Farm in West Prince PEI. There’s yet another generation of John Hardy’s to grow up and farm. Twins John ‘Landon’ and James ‘Liam’ will grow up on the farm as did their father, grand-father and great grandfather and it all started 55 years ago with a man and dream.


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Billy on October 8, 2008 - 13:31 Permalink

Thanks for sharing the link to Maritime Soycraft on my blog. I’ll have to check it out. That’s awesome.