We arrived back from Iceland in Halifax late last night, having met up with Olle and Luisa, en route from Copenhagen, in Keflavik. We stashed ourselves at the Quality Inn by the airport, and then took a swing through Halifax proper this morning. Coffee at Cafe Ristretto, lunch at Wooden Monkey, then drive and ferry home for supper at The Noodle House. Not a bad introduction to the east coast culinary scene.

Tomorrow we rejoin our regularly scheduled programming.


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Isaac on December 11, 2006 - 03:54 Permalink

the vegetarian meals suck these days because airlines have killed two birds with one stone and made it the vegan meal as well.

Nathan's picture
Nathan on December 11, 2006 - 04:51 Permalink

I don’t think two dead birds is very vegan.

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Rob Paterson on December 11, 2006 - 13:20 Permalink

Welcome homw Peter

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oliver on December 11, 2006 - 17:15 Permalink

Welcome back to North America, Peter, and thanks for sharing Italy.