Holman Building Loses More Skin


Andrew MacPherson's picture
Andrew MacPherson on April 29, 2009 - 17:41 Permalink

Wow what a change! The Holman building has been like that all of my memory.

When can we take the skin off of the Confed Centre?

Alan's picture
Alan on April 30, 2009 - 03:25 Permalink

Looks to me like it is loosing its plastic coating. I trust you have heritage laws that protect what is underneath.

Dico's picture
Dico on April 30, 2009 - 13:37 Permalink

The facade that is being exposed is remaining as part of the new structure. They have photos/renditions of the completed project in the mall.

Peter Rukavina's picture
Peter Rukavina on April 30, 2009 - 17:03 Permalink

@dico My understanding is that they’re going to disassemble the facade, numbering all the pieces, then tear the building down, build a new structure, and then reassemble the facade on the front of it.