Holland College Human Services Program

Did you know that Holland College offers a 2-year Human Services program here in Charlottetown?

I did not.

The program describes its program like this:

You will acquire basic knowledge of a variety of intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, and learn the practical skills critical in assisting individuals with a disability through their life span to live to their full potential.

Thanks to the kindness of another parent, I found out about this program, and turned to one of the instructors for help finding a community aide to work with Oliver under the School-Age Autism Funding program of the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture.

Within 30 minutes of sending the request I had the first resume in my in-box, and over the next few days it was joined by three more.

We’ve now identified two students of the program to spend time with Oliver, and they’ve proved capable, compassionate and flexible: just the right kind of person to walk in the footsteps of Oliver’s workers-past.

I post this here just in case others might profit from this; it really is a much-too-hidden gem!


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I new to complete the Human services on line course