Holiday Confusion

Today is one of those days where it’s a holiday in the U.S.A. (Memorial Day) but not a holiday in Canada. Given my birthplace (Rochester, NY) and that I have several U.S. clients, I feel compelled to at least place myself in a holiday state of mind. Who knows what this will mean for deliveries of The New Yorker?


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Holly Day on May 26, 2003 - 13:16 Permalink

Victoria Day (Canada) is last Monday before May 25th.
Memorial Day (USA) is last Monday in May.

As Queen Victoria is not around to lodge a complaint, why can’t Canada move Victoria Day to the same day as Memorial day?

A solution is also needed for Thanksgiving. The USA are understandably reticent about moving their favorite holiday to October. Canadians would have difficulty celebrating the long-since-harvested harvest in November, not to mention changing it to a Thursday.

As for the first vs the fourth of July debacle, perhaps we could compromise, and move the holiday to the 1st Monday in July…

After we solve these problems, we’d have to deal with Good Friday (not observed by most Americans), Boxing Day (a British tradition not adopted by the Americans), and all those president’s days (most of which are sales, rather than holidays).

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Alan on May 26, 2003 - 13:28 Permalink

A problem not needing a solution at all. You might as well ditch Rememberance Day so that we can remember their war lost — including in the War of 1812. Lucky Newfoundland has so many more holidays than the rest of Canada we only should aspire to add theirs on to ours. Poor PEI even lacks a proper August holiday long weekend.