Herculaneum Bridge Hotel

The Herculaneum Bridge Hotel in Liverpool had a cameo in Monday night’s episode of In Deep (currently airing on Mondays on BBC Canada).

By most standard measures, the hotel’s website is ugly and poorly designed. But for some reason I find it oddly alluring. Perhaps I’ve been entranced by the red and blue colour scheme. I’ve half a mind to go to Liverpool now.


georgia's picture
georgia on November 24, 2008 - 15:30 Permalink

I stayed in the herculaneum brige hotel (peglegs) it is the best place to stay ever.The Herculaneum brige hotel is the best pub in the world the pub is the best, the locals are great and the people who run it are the best!!!!

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Summer Geddes on July 8, 2013 - 05:56 Permalink

This will be our next spot as we finish our tour in Malaysia where we stay at Bintulu Hotel with all the staff and crew. I can’t wait to feel the ambiance of this hotel and share it here.