Hello, all, let’s gaggle

I just learned a new term: press gaggle. Seems to be what we would call a “scrum” in Canada.

You thought snippets of White House press briefings were weird on TV? Try reading gaggle transcripts! Here’s a snip from yesterday’s session:

MR. SNOW: …I think it’s also important to note that as the President gets out and talks about this, people begin to understand his position better. They get to see it. We had — today, he had the opportunity to speak with people who had come here and become citizens, who had started businesses. He had an opportunity to sit in on a classroom, and some of you were in there. And this helps dramatize what’s going on. Today he was dramatizing not only importance, but how it happens that you do assimilation.

Or how about this from May 24:

MR. SNOW: I’m sorry, I’m going to be moving some of these tape recorders so I can put my coffee here. I will apologize in advance.