Hello [again] del.icio.us

After abandoning del.icio.us back in December, and replacing it with my own locally-hosted system based on Scuttle, I’m jumping back into the del.icio.us fold. Why? I realized that although my locally-hosted solution was faster, it completely lacked the social part of “social bookmarking.” And that, as a result, I was missing out. I also missed the subtle niceties of the del.icio.us UI.

So I hacked together a little script, using class.delicious.php, to grab my recent bookmarks and punt them over into del.icio.us. And I’ve sent an email to the few others who joined the Scuttle party with me and poured their own bookmarks into my local system. And in a few days, bookmarks.ruk.ca will be no more.

So if you want to play the home game, point yourself over to del.icio.us/reinvented from now on.

And if this is all confusing to you, and you’ve made it this far, What is del.icio.us? is a concise introduction to this world.