Heather Mullen for School Board

My old friend and former Home and School colleague Heather Mullen is running for school trustee in Charlottetown:

Today I went outside my comfort zone to become a candidate for a public election. I did this because the public education system in PEl is very important to me. I will be running in the Charlottetown area (I moved to town this spring) however my time with PEI Home and School Federation has taught me the importance of representing the needs of students, schools, and staff across PEl and I will continue to listen to those concerns. I hope wherever you live in PEI, you would consider being involved in the Public Schools Branch election, either as a candidate or by voting.

Heather is a dynamo: smart, progressive, organized, compassionate. She took the school food program baton handed to her when she became President of the PEI Home and School Federation and, with enormous dedication, expenditure of her own time, and deftly building a focused team of others, took it to the finish line.

I’ve every confidence she’ll take the same energy and passion to her role as school trustee.

The process for voting in this election is more involved than you might expect it to be: all electors need to apply for a mail-in ballot before October 9, 2022. It’s not difficult and will only take a moment. It’s worth it to ensure we have a school board with a strong mandate.


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Heather Mullen on September 17, 2022 - 21:54 Permalink

Thanks Peter Rukavina for sharing these kind words on your blog. I became involved with the PEI Home and School Federation on invitation from you to the former IT committee. It has been an incredible experience with and opportunity to make new friends across PEI while representing the safety and well-being of all students.

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Leo Cheverie on September 20, 2022 - 13:45 Permalink

I agree with you that Heather Mullen would be a great addition to the elected school board - she has the ability to move forward on positive policies that are needed for an inclusive school board.