Have you ever tried to stick a rubber glove into a photocopier?

Full of vig and vigour after Saturday’s trip to the Wayzgoose, and with a newly-cast piece of type, fresh from the Gaspereau Ludlow type-casting machine, burning a lead hole in my pocket, I resolved to start Monday printing instead of coding today. And with my mind still somewhat muddled from long road-trip, I got all experimental.

Printing on Rubber Glove

Printing on Paper Towel

Printing on Paper Bag

Printing on Shiny Globe and Mail

Printing on Receipt

Printing on Lettra

That last one is not experimental at all – it’s Crane Lettra paper. But who knew you could use a letterpress to print on rubber gloves, paper bags, and paper towel. Printing on the shiny-new cover stock of the Globe and Mail newspaper was especially pleasurable: it’s a luscious medium for ink.