The Hardest Time

Bill Voyd, from Funk Architecture in Shelter and Society, 1969, on Drop City:

The hardest time in a commune, particularly Drop City, is the time after the building gets done. While everyone is working together on actual construction the energy is centered, there is fantastic high spirit, everyone knows what he is doing all the time. But after the building is done comes a time of dissolution. There’s no focus for the group energy, and most hippies don’t have anything to do with their individual energy.

I’ve been trying to piece apart why my level of general anxiety has been exponentially higher since Catherine died: this has never made sense, as the really hard parts, the parts you think would push one over the edge, were in the years leading up to her death. Perhaps this notion explains why.

(If you’re interested in learning more about Drop City, there’s a documentary for that, which you can stream on demand).