Happy Birthday Mike!

It’s my brother Mike’s birthday today. Here are the two of us, slightly younger (Mike on the left, me on the right), eating breakfast at 1471 Augustine Drive in Burlington, where we lived from 1968 to 1972. Clearly sugar was a bigger part of our diet then. And television, at the breakfast table!

My brother Mike and I as kids, eating breakfast

The great and glorious positive development of autumn 2021 is that my mother, Mike, and Mike’s partner Karen have relocated from Ontario to Charlottetown and live a short walk up the street. None of us have lived in the same city since the mid-1980s, and it’s been a delight for both Olivia and I to have them handy-by.

Mike and I are going out to birthday lunch today, which might seem like the most regular and normal thing in the world but, in our case, is a new and special superpower.


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Sandy on November 20, 2021 - 08:27 Permalink

I have not thought about BeeHive in years. Sweet photo.

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Clark on November 20, 2021 - 11:54 Permalink

I have also not thought of BeeHive in many years, nor Sugar Crisp.