Handmade Paper from Amazon Boxes

Christopher Skinner is a prolific and talented designer and printer, and I’m a longtime reader of his blog, Lestaret, where he writes about type, design, printing and all manner of mad experiments.

In a recent post about storing up pulp for summer paper-making, he pointed to a 2012 post where he illustrated the process of turning Amazon boxes into handmade paper. I love everything about this, and have resolved to set out on a similar project (I’m fortunate to have a girlfriend of many artistic pursuits who is thus well-equipped with things like paper-making equipment, so I have a head start).


Frances Ann's picture
Frances Ann on May 28, 2018 - 17:49 Permalink

Love this! Please document.
Save some of the pretty spring flower petals from the yard to add sprinkles of color too!
'Thought of you both while listening to a CBC piece about knitting and programming and how well they work together.