Handmade Book with Eyelets

Rivets, eyelets, and similar fasteners have always fascinated me, and seemed like the kind of thing you would need complicated pinching tools to install. It turns out that all you need is a tiny “anvil” (really just a metal disc with a depression in it) and a “punch” (a tiny metal rod with the yin to the anvil’s yang). It takes some practice to get a nice join; once you master it, though, it’s very, very pleasing.

Eyelets and the tools to join them, along with a sample piece of cardboard showing the result.

I used my newfound skill to make a coptic-stitched book this afternoon, installing six eyelets in each of the covers:

Photo of a coptic-stitched book with a textured purple cover and red stitching, sitting on a green cutting mat.