Greenland Dom. Psgr. Service Charge

Okay, this one takes the cake. Here’s a screen snip from the Air Canada website showing the fare breakdown for a return flight from Charlottetown to Copenhagen:

Greenland Dom. Psgr. Service Charge

This flight may fly over Greenland (and I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t even do that), but I can’t conceive how Air Canada can levy a “Greenland Dom. Psgr. Service Charge” here. Is it a mistake?

What’s next: Srchrg. bcas. we cn.?


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Mark on March 8, 2006 - 14:38 Permalink

What I like is the fact that they charge you twice for the fuel surcharge. Last time I checked, it takes the same amount of fuel to get 2 people to a destination as it does to get 1.

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Peter Rukavina on March 8, 2006 - 14:52 Permalink

I’m not saying agree with the practice of splitting out a separate “fuel surcharge” — although I wouldn’t mind seeing the *total* cost of fuel, and the number of gallons — but I can’t disagree with the surcharge-per-person system: the heavier planes are, the more fuel they need, so two people *do* use more fuel that *one* (whether it’s $200+ more, I don’t know).

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Mark Wubben on March 8, 2006 - 16:47 Permalink

Does this happen to be for Reboot 8?

Also funny that you Greenland is part of Denmark.