Actual conversation snippet overheard in Beanz this morning:

Hey look, they have Greek Wraps here! Oh yah, I forgot, you don’t like Greece.

By the way, Beanz is a very different place on Sunday mornings, populated almost entirely by very stylish people. It’s almost like being in Halifax.


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al o'neill on January 16, 2005 - 23:54 Permalink

Thanks for the warning.

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Lisa on January 17, 2005 - 13:07 Permalink

Oh. I forgot, you don’t like Greece??!

I guess the food’s not always so good in Greece, but otherwise, what’s not to like?

I went through a phase where I decided to be contrarian and not like the Dutch. It made as much sense as anything else, I reasoned. But some people took offense so I ultimately had to give it up. And lately I’ve started actually reading the Radio Netherlands web site for news. It’s really very good.

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Alan on January 17, 2005 - 13:48 Permalink

I have a hard time imagining what fact could possibly support the idea that the food is not always so good in Greece. I think that was the thickest of the statements in the initial quotation.

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Lisa Howard on January 17, 2005 - 16:02 Permalink

I was hoping someone would say that, Alan. I have to admit that I was expecting more from the Greek food when I/we went to Greece, but some of it was a little reheated and unlike in Hungary they put french fries and ketchup in the Gyros (which I think is of Turkish origin which may explain why they did this). A Gyros, in case anybody doesn’t know, is a pita wrap with meat and usually something nice like tomatoes and garlic sauce. Anyway, we ended up going on a expedition for better Gyros, which we never found. Maybe,it’s like anywhere else, I’m sure the food is great in Athens, but in the small towns all you get is the local variant of McCains fries and white bread with Kraft cheese slices. Except in Greece the fries sometimes come with some old deep fried squid. One day I will have to go to Athens and find out.

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Jean on January 18, 2005 - 02:06 Permalink

To appreciate the food in Greece, you have to patronize four and five star restaurants. We had some of the best food there that we have ever had anywhere we have traveled. And…the music that accompanied our meals was to die for.
When we were in Paris this past spring, we went to the Greek section of the city for dinner one night and again…surperb cuisine.
I think that aside from North America, the rest of the world doesn’t do fast food well. I am sure this probably accounts for the shortage of obesity in those countries.

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Alan on January 18, 2005 - 03:50 Permalink

Good Lord. To appreciate the food of Greece you can also pay $4.95 down the Spartan or the Athens in Halifax for the lunch special moussaka or other treats, listening to grannie hum folksongs of the homeland.

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Lisa Howard on January 18, 2005 - 11:56 Permalink

The Greek food in Canada is great. I wouldn’t mind going back to Greece for the sights though. I have a strong desire to visit the island of Santorini, for instance. I’ve posted a link to some pictures of Santorini as my web site. And the beaches were superb where we were.